State Regulator Solutions

The State of South Carolina’s Insurance Industry, Policyholders, Regulators, Auditors, and Agents now have an easy method to monitor and track active and inactive Workers Compensation policies – and your state can too!

Take ADVANTAGE of our solutions, the power of information and the data within your states computers.

Insurance TechKNOWLEDGEy, LLC introduces a ground breaking application that reduces the likelihood of overlooking an UNINSURED company in your state.  Our proprietary patent and patent-pending process repurposes the data of those businesses that have Workers Compensation and those that do not – or that have allowed State Mandated Workers Compensation insurance to lapse.

We have developed a software solution that allows state regulators to quickly and accurately determine if a business is maintaining Workers Compensation coverage.  Currently the software is only verifying coverage in the State of Tennessee; however, we are aggressively adding additional states and we invite your state to integrate valid and invalid Work Comp data in our system too.

Technological advances and automated tools are being offered to the commercial insurance industry at a rapid pace, but few have the ability to provide a greater impact than the Insurance Verification Exchange solutions.

Your state deserves our solutions to these problems, including:

  • Immediate knowledge of coverage termination
  • Reduced fraud
  • Reduced claims
  • Help identify employee misclassification
  • Better informed carriers
  • Improved understanding of policyholders
  • Highest quality data
  • Easy for use for regulators and investigators to use
  • Fact-based system
  • More confident decisions
  • Fewer Errors and Omissions claims against agents, making your state a better place to do business
  • Integration opportunities with other software solutions

I created this solution after living with these problems as a construction insurance specialist for over 30 years.  This system is truly the most comprehensive software program available for monitoring Workers Compensation coverage.

State regulators must make a strategic choice: to continue leaving valuable data inside the computer… or to adopt systems to “unlock” the data to help.  Unlock the data held inside your state’s computers and put it to use.

One of our staff will contact you to discuss how we can integrate our solutions in your state.

Thank you!